Schroeder Industries is committed to aiding OEMs in reducing their carbon footprint by providing cost-effective filtration solutions that increase energy efficiency in hydraulic systems, reduce wasted material, and more!

Here’s a preview of some of these innovative filtration solutions, showcased at CONEXPO 2023:

Electric Drive (E-Drive) Media

An optimized filtration solution for your electric-powered equipment!

Environmentally-friendly, electric-powered machines are becoming more viable and widespread, including in the field of hydraulics. To support this emerging green technology, Schroeder Industries has engineered the ideal media for filtration which protects electric hydraulic systems while maintaining energy efficiency. Here’s what E-Drive Media can do for your electric-powered equipment:

  • E-Drive Media features a low pressure drop, which is critical for electric hydraulic systems with low energy requirements to run efficiently. Reducing the pressure drop associated with a filter element by even a few psi extends battery life and increases cost-effectiveness.
  • Potential for reduced horsepower requirements. In certain applications, the E-Drive Media pressure drop is low enough that OEMs can downsize horsepower requirements for additional energy and cost savings.
  • Superior filtration. The all-new specialty formulated, high efficiency, low differential pressure media is crafted with signature Schroeder Industries quality to protect machine components and minimize downtime.

Air Fusion Technology (AFT)

Protect your equipment, and even shrink your tank!

Gaseous contamination in a hydraulic system causes problems ranging from poor/inefficient machine performance, increased oxidization of hydraulic fluid, and cavitation. Schroeder Industries engineered the AFT for superior air filtration, achieving such high performance that it’s even possible to downsize your hydraulic reservoir for a lighter and more efficient system!

Discover the benefits of Air Fusion Technology:

  • Compared to a standard filter, the AFT reduces air in the suction line by 20% on the first pass. Superior air filtration increases the reliability and efficiency of your equipment, saving you costly downtime.
  • Downsize your hydraulic tank by up to 60%. The AFT’s low pressure drop and exceptional air filtration capabilities allow for smaller reservoir sizes. This creates room for additional batteries or a larger fuel tank, allowing your system to get the most out of its fuel source—whether it’s diesel, hydrogen, or electricity.
  • Quality protected, Lock and Key endcap design. Quality Protection ensures that only high-quality Schroeder elements can be used, further protecting the equipment and opening up opportunities for increased aftermarket filter element revenue for OEMs.

TNK Rotomolded Tanks

Ultra-durable, lightweight reservoirs!

Traditional steel hydraulic tanks are heavy and pose a risk of corrosion, releasing particulates into the hydraulic system which result in costly damage and downtime. TNKs from Schroeder Industries offer OEMs a more cost-effective, durable solution:

  • Lighter weight increases system/energy efficiency. Reducing the weight of your system with a rotomolded TNK allows you to get that much more from your fuel source.
  • Built to endure and last. TNKs are capable of withstanding heavy impacts and maintain their integrity in both extreme heat and cold temperatures.
  • Integrated baffle wall for cooling effect and de-aeration. The structure of the TNK itself contributes to temperature control and allows for easier degassing of returning oil.
  • Recyclable material cuts down on waste. These rotomolded tanks are created with recyclable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), considered among the easiest plastic materials to recycle. Additionally, HDPE products require significantly less energy to produce than a comparable product made with steel.
  • TNKs are certified clean, eliminating time-consuming flushing processes and testing

Sustainable Cartridge Bowl (SCB)

Spin-on cans just got more sustainable!

Typical spin-on hydraulic filters, while convenient and easy to replace, are both expensive and incredibly wasteful. Schroeder Industries has developed the Sustainable Cartridge Bowl (SCB), a unique, patented solution that features a reusable housing bowl design. This design both increases the cost effectiveness of spin-on filters and reduces the carbon footprint and waste of conventional spin-on filter cans. Here’s how this innovative solution benefits OEMs:

  • Reduced cost per changeout. Because the housing bowl is reusable, only the filter element needs changed, reducing the cost per changeout and providing exponential savings over time.
  • Increased revenue from spare element sales. Opting for the more cost-effective and eco-friendly SCB filter is a no-brainer for MROs/end users. Combined with private label customization, which is proven to increase aftermarket retention in filter element sales, the opportunity for increased revenue for OEMs is significant.
  • Positive impact on carbon footprint. Sustainable practices don’t just help the environment—they also benefit an organization’s reputation. The SCB’s unique design makes it much more sustainable compared to a standard spin-on can:
    • 99% reduction in wasted scrap metal due to reusable bowl and coreless element design
    • 87% less oil waste, as oil does not become trapped and discarded with the housing
    • 88% reduction in CO2 emissions overall
  • Schroeder’s premium quality. Schroeder Industries products are all engineered for reliability and superior performance, protecting OEM equipment and reducing warranty claims. The SCB features higher pleat counts and lower pressure drop for improved filtration.

The products featured above are part of Schroeder’s Energy Sustainability Initiative, our mission to to provide filtration solutions that contribute to a cleaner world and help organizations reach their sustainability goals. Here’s how:

  • By reducing wasted hydraulic oil and increasing the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems with advanced hydraulic filtration solutions.
  • By increasing diesel fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions through superior fuel filtration.
  • By supporting emerging clean energy technology, including electric and hydrogen gas powered systems, with tailored filtration solutions.
  • By engineering innovative alternatives to current wasteful and inefficient filtration technology.

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