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BestFit® CNG Filter Element Replacements

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For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries’ BestFit® CNG Filter Element Replacements, click here.

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the BestFit® replacement element series, the SBF-CNG.

This new media recipe is ready to support a healthy machine uptime and a strong compressed natural gas system performance.

SBF-CNG Replacement Element Family

The SBF-CNG filter series comes in plug-and-play options that provide cost effective replacements with the robust construction that Schroeder Industries Filtration is known for. They are comparable in form, fit, and function to high pressure compressed air and gas filter housings already in the market.


The Move to Compressed Natural Gas

Now more than ever, short-run applications that transport fuel, people, and even refuse are switching to compressed natural gas.

As we look for a substitute for conventional gasoline or diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG) is an environmentally friendly alternative fuel to traditional gas powered vehicles.

During our product development phases, there was a growing need for high quality filtration with competitive pricing and availability for compressed gas filtration.

As we tested our new technology, we were amazed at the results and interest when filtering in CNG applications.


Schroeder’s BestFit® Technology

The SBF-CNG BestFit® replacement element series are designed primarily for use in the aforementioned heavy duty types of applications.

They are also great additions for other compressed air applications.

Below is a list of current competitive element crosses that we offer for compressed natural gas (CNG) applications:

As we developed more form and fit element replacements, check back on this page to see if your particular model is included. Feel free to contact us if you would like to put in a request for an element replacement not shown above.


Parker Hannifin Corp Finite® J-Series Housings

We are pleased to announce the release of the new BestFit® element series, equivalent in form, fit, and function to the Parker Finite® J-Series replacement elements. This element offering provides replacement elements with a range of housing sizes from B through E (replacement housing information coming soon), available with performance equivalents to the 4C, 10C, and WS media grades. Each element kit includes a set of replacement head and bowl O-rings, as well as a tube of lubricant. This replacement element series is just another way we are bringing our world-renowned element technology to every aspect of the fluid (and gas) powered industry.


Schroeder’s Energy Savings Initiative

SBF-CNG is part of Schroeder Industries Energy Savings initiative

Sustainability is a huge talking point today, and rightly so. In 2021, we are pivoting our efforts and messaging to better support energy savings and educate our audience on sustainability as it pertains to fluid power.


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Let us show you the difference a Schroeder SBF-CNG replacement element can make in the performance of your fuel Injection system.

For a complete listing of Schroeder Industries’ BestFit® CNG Filter Element Replacements, click here.