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Backflushing Filter/Strainers Filter/Strainers




Backflushing Filter/Strainers Filter/Strainers<div class="ExternalClassDD9A88C99F534F268118098FE2AF259B"><div id="pdb-content" style="width:448px;height:auto;text-align:left;"><div style="width:400px;"><div style="width:400px;"><div class="pdb-content-text" style="width:100%;height:auto;"><p>The RF3 Automatic Backflushing Filters are complete filtration systems. These unique products are not only performing the task of filtering low viscosity liquids, but also the cleaning of their array of reusable conical strainer elements via PLC controlled mechanism. </p><p>Since particles in process fluids have an influence on the quality of the end product and they increase the attrition rate of system components, proper protection through efficient filtration is needed. The RF3 self-cleaning filters provide this protection with uninterrupted operation.</p><p>The RF3 automatic self-cleaning filters are used for extracting particulate contaminants. The rugged design and automatic self-cleaning strainer capability give this filter product the ability to make a major contribution to operational reliability, reduction of maintenance costs and overall efficiency in many process systems.</p><p>The RF3 filters have a special housing design that incorporates an array of filter elements. The special Slotted Tube and SuperMesh elements with pore sizes from 25 to 3000 micron ensure highly effective removal of particulate contamination from the process medium. The adjustable differential pressure switch triggers the self-cleaning function. Each individual filter element is cleaned with filtrate in the reverse flow direction while being totally isolated from the rest of the element array. This is how the RF3 can continue to filter without any interruption of the filtration process during the backflush cycle.</p><p>The RF3 filters are a relatively simple mechanical design as illustrated here. Pre filtered liquid enters the inlet port and exits through the outlet port after passing through the conical element array. The flow direction of the elements is from inside out, and particles are collected on the smooth interior surfaces for easy cleaning. As the level of contamination increases, so does the differential pressure across the filter.</p><p> <strong>When does the self-cleaning function occur?</strong><br>As the amount of contamination collected in the elements increases, so does the differential pressure. When the differential pressure reaches the set point, a signal is sent to the PLC inside the control panel, which initiates the backflush cycle. The cleaning cycle can also be started by the adjustable timer located inside the control panel, or by simply pressing the cycle start button located on the front of the control panel.</p><p> <strong>How does the self-cleaning system operate?</strong><br>The process starts with the geared motor located on top of the filter positioning the backflush arm beneath the first element to be cleaned. Once in position, the control panel opens the backflush valve, which creates a pressure gradient that reverses the flow of filtrate through this single element. The reverse flow cleans the element of the collected particles. The valve then closes and the motor positions the arm beneath the next element to be cleaned. The backflush cycle is complete when all of the elements in the array have been cleaned. </p><p> <strong>What about the filter elements?</strong><br>The conical shaped filter elements used in the RF3 self-cleaning filters are specially designed for isokinetic filtering and backflushing. This tapered design results in an even flow distribution, low pressure drop and a uniform distribution of contaminate inside the elements. The advantages: longer time between backflush cycles, less loss of process fluid and more complete and efficient cleaning of the conical wedge wire elements. </p><p> <strong>Are there any other unique features?</strong><br>The PLC control has some benefits that aren’t immediately visible. During the self-cleaning operation, the backflush valve is in position under the element being cleaned for just a few seconds. The backflush valve is opened and closed rapidly, causing a “pulsation” of filtrate through the filter element openings. These pressure surges produce a superior cleaning effect in a shorter time. The result is fewer cleaning cycles, shorter duration and lower consumption of filtrate. </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>  </div>  </div>  </div><div class="pdb-content-sitemap"><h3>Please select:​ </h3><div id="pdb-sitemap"><ul><span style="color:#444444;"><li style="width:313px;height:auto;"> <a href="/Products/process-filtration/backflushing-filter-strainers/automatic-self-cleaning-strainer-rf3-series" target="_blank"><span style="color:#444444;"><strong>AutoFilt<span class="SuperScript" style="color:#444444;">®</span> RF3 Series</strong> Standard Self Cleaning Series</span></a> </li><li style="width:291px;height:auto;"> <a href="/Products/process-filtration/backflushing-filter-strainers/automatic-self-cleaning-strainer-rf5-series" target="_blank"><span style="color:#444444;"><strong>AutoFilt<span class="SuperScript" style="color:#444444;">®</span> RF5 Series</strong> Low Cost Coarse Strainers</span></a><span style="color:#444444;"> </span></li><li style="width:248px;height:auto;"><span style="color:#0072c6;"> <a href="/Products/process-filtration/backflushing-filter-strainers/automatic-self-cleaning-strainer-rf7-series" target="_blank"><span style="color:#444444;"><strong>AutoFilt<span class="SuperScript" style="color:#444444;">®</span> RF7 Series</strong> Horizontal Series</span></a><span style="color:#666666;"> </span></span></li><li style="width:337px;height:auto;"> <a href="/Products/process-filtration/backflushing-filter-strainers/automatic-self-cleaning-strainer-rf4-series" target="_blank"><span style="color:#444444;"><strong>AutoFilt<span class="SuperScript" style="color:#444444;">®</span> RF4 Series</strong> Industry Specific (Machine Tooling)</span></a> </li><li style="width:292px;height:auto;"><span style="color:#0072c6;"><span style="color:#444444;">​</span><a href="/Products/process-filtration/backflushing-filter-strainers/automatic-self-cleaning-strainer-rfh-series" target="_blank"><span style="color:#444444;"><strong>RFH Series</strong> Backflushing ​High Pressure Strainer</span></a> </span></li><li style="width:292px;height:auto;"><span style="color:#0072c6;"><strong></strong><a href="/Products/process-filtration/backflushing-filter-strainers/btu-backflush-treatment-unit" target="_blank"><span style="color:#444444;"><strong>BTU</strong> Backflush Treatment Unit</span></a></span></li></span></ul></div></div></div></div>