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ATF-3.5 / ATF-4 / ATF-4




ATF-3.5 / ATF-4 / ATF-4<div class="ExternalClass29E99393B4AD4412840B6306110EE8FA"><div class="pdb-text-wrap" style="text-align:left;"><div class="pdb-subtext-wrap"><h3>Features:</h3><ul class="content-box-middle"><li>Suited to high levels of contamination and large fluctuations in the solid particle content of the untreated water</li><li>By using conical slotted tube elements a more consistent filtrate quality is always guaranteed, irrespective of fluctuations in operating pressure and flow rate.</li><li>The special flow characteristics provide a low pressure drop at <14 psi over the whole operating range.</li><li>The pre-filtration of solid particles of a higher density means that the filter surface area can take a correspondingly higher load and the filter can be comparatively smaller.</li><li>A superior pre-filter for Schroeder’s Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter (Autofilt® RF3) or bag polishing filter.</li><li>Traditional backflushing of the filter or the use of other fluids or cleaning chemicals is not required with the ATF. The filter elements are cleaned solely by surface flushing with untreated fluid.</li></ul></div><h3>Specifications</h3><table class="productSpec " border="1"><tbody><tr><td>Operating Rate:</td><td colspan="3">32⁰F - 194⁰F (0⁰C - 90⁰C)</td></tr><tr style="background-color:#f9f9f9;"><td>Housing Material:</td><td colspan="3">Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel</td></tr><tr><td>Size:</td><td>3.5</td><td>4</td></tr><tr style="background-color:#f9f9f9;"><td>Flow Rate:</td><td>350-965 gpm (1324-3652 L/m)</td><td>440-1760 gpm (1665-6662 L/m)</td></tr><tr><td>Pressure Rating:</td><td>145 or 230 psi (10 or 16 bar)</td><td>145 or 230 psi (10 or 16 bar)</td></tr><tr style="background-color:#f9f9f9;"><td>Connections Inlet/Outlet:</td><td>6" Flange (DN 150)</td><td>8" Flange (DN 200)</td></tr><tr><td>Connection Discharge Line:</td><td>4" Flange (DN 100)</td><td>6" Flange (DN 200)</td></tr></tbody></table></div></div>








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