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Hydrostatic<div class="ExternalClassF12D99A1CB86456784A4A49A9042EA9A"><div id="content"><div id="pdb-content-wrap" style="height:0px;"></div><p> Hydrostatic applications require filtration products with the capability to reverse flow without causing damage to the filter element. Hydrostatic loops, by their nature, require the fluid to flow in both directions between the piston pump and the hydraulic motor actually performing the work. Most hydrostatic drives typically flow in one direction (forward) a large percentage of time and change directions (reverse) for a short duration. In these applications it is critical to be able to reverse flow in the circuit without damaging the filter element or the components of the circuit.</p><p>When a filter housing without a reverse flow check is used in a hydrostatic circuit, the customer will have to plumb lines in with a check valve that would bypass the entire filter housing in reverse. This is a costly endeavor and can add several potential leak points to the circuit creating more potential locations for contamination to enter into the system. Schroeder reverse flow filter solutions provide our customers with an integrated solution to stream line assembly of their machine and ensure safe, reliable and clean system operation so long as the elements are changed when the Dirt Alarm® trips.</p><p>The hydrostatic housing are also available in a non-bypassing forward flow version, with high collapse element. With this option there is no forward flow bypass, but the reverse flow check valve still forced the fluid around the filter element when the flow is reversed. This ensured that no matter what, the fluid is filtered in the forward direction and the element is protected from instantaneous pressure surges possible in hydrostatic applications that could collapse the element without a bypass valve. As with all Schroeder products our hydrostatic filters have been tested to the highest of industry standard and are held to a stringent quality policy to ensure the best performance possible for our customers.</p><div id="pdb-content" style="height:141px;text-align:left;width:400px !important;"><div class="pdb-content-sitemap"><h3> Please select: </h3><div id="pdb-sitemap"><ul><li> <a href="/Products/hydraulic-lube-filtration/high-pressure-filters-(3000-6500-psi)/hydrostatic-reverse-flow-filters/kfh50-70-gpm-5000-psi"> <strong>KFH50:</strong> 70 gpm, 5000 psi</a> </li><li> <a href="/Products/hydraulic-lube-filtration/high-pressure-filters-(3000-6500-psi)/hydrostatic-reverse-flow-filters/hs60-100-gpm-6000-psi"> <strong>HS60:</strong> 100 gpm, 6000 psi</a> </li></ul> </div></div></div></div></div>