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Base-Ported Filters Filters




Base-Ported Filters Filters<div class="ExternalClass29EC190347EE457983A278DF77368315"><p> </p><p>Base-ported pressure filtration from Schroeder provides easy element service, reliable, consistent Beta stability, and versatile porting arrangements for customers. Base-ported pressure filters offer quick, easy, and clean element servicing from the top of the filter housing; especially with the use of a drain plug and a push button bleed valve in the cap assembly. These two features allow the fluid in the housing to be drained prior to removal of the housing cap. Base-ported pressure filters are typically larger than the top ported counter parts because it is easier to service a larger element from the cap than from the bowl of a T-ported filter.</p><p>Schroeder Industries base-ported filters are offered in various porting options. SAE straight thread and Code 62 4-bolt flange are the most often used porting options due to the pressure ratings of the high pressure base ported housings, but Schroeder Industries also offers sub-plate mounted versions of many of our base-ported pressure filters to accommodate our customers' needs.</p><p>Schroeder Industries portfolio of base-ported pressure filters is built around the K size elements for which the HF4 automotive standards were written. Thus it is one of the most copied elements in the world. All "K size" housings are available with a patented GeoSeal® design to ensure the quality of the Schroeder Z-Media elements and helping our customers retain their aftermarket elements as well as allowing one element to service pressure and return sides of a hydraulic circuit.</p><p>Base-ported pressure filters can easily be transformed into manifold solutions with integrated filtration for the customer seeking value added filtration solutions. Schroeder Industries base-ported pressure filtration products are specifically designed to minimize pressure drop, function safely and maintain their integrity when applied correctly, but as with all pressure filtration products, Rated Fatigue Pressure plays a critical role in ensuring system longevity.</p><p>Schroeder also offers no-element indicators and dirt alarm® options for base-ported filters.</p><p style="color:#e51400;font-size:120%;font-weight:bold;"> <strong>Please select:</strong></p><ul><li> <a href="/Products/hydraulic-lube-filtration/high-pressure-filters-(3000-6500-psi)/base-ported-pressure-filters/kf30-gkf30-100-150-gpm-3000-psi" target="_blank" style="color:#333333;"> <strong>KF30/GKF30:</strong>  100/150 gpm, 3000 psi</a></li><li> <a href="/Products/hydraulic-lube-filtration/high-pressure-filters-(3000-6500-psi)/base-ported-pressure-filters/tf50-40-gpm-5000-psi" target="_blank" style="color:#333333;"> <strong>TF50:</strong>  40 gpm 5000 psi</a></li><li> <a href="/Products/hydraulic-lube-filtration/high-pressure-filters-(3000-6500-psi)/base-ported-pressure-filters/kf50-gkf50-100-150-gpm-5000-psi" target="_blank" style="color:#333333;"> <strong>KF50/GKF50:</strong>  100/150 gpm, 5000 psi</a></li><li> <a href="/Products/hydraulic-lube-filtration/high-pressure-filters-(3000-6500-psi)/base-ported-pressure-filters/kc50-gkc50-wkc50-100-150-gpm-5000-psi" target="_blank" style="color:#333333;"> <strong>KC50/GKC50/WKC50:</strong>  100/150 gpm, 5000 psi</a></li><li> <a href="/Products/hydraulic-lube-filtration/high-pressure-filters-(3000-6500-psi)/base-ported-pressure-filters/mkf50-gmkf50-200-gpm-5000-psi" target="_blank" style="color:#333333;"> <strong>MKF50/GMKF50: </strong> 200 gpm, 5000 psi></a></li><li> <a href="/Products/hydraulic-lube-filtration/high-pressure-filters-(3000-6500-psi)/base-ported-pressure-filters/kc65-gkc65-100-gpm-6500-psi" target="_blank" style="color:#333333;"> <strong>KC65/GKC65:</strong>  100 gpm, 6500 psi</a><br><br> ​​</li></ul></div>