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Desiccant Filter Breathers Filter Breathers




Desiccant Filter Breathers Filter Breathers<div class="ExternalClass77FAFEA0018E4863BAEC63F6C6FCAFE0"><div class="pdb-content-text"><div class="pdb-text-wrap" style="text-align:left;"><p> Schroeder Industries desiccant breathers are pivotal in keeping hydraulic fluid dry. Dry hydraulic fluid lasts longer and reduces wear and tear on components as well as reducing varnish formation in the hydraulic fluid. Maintaining a consistent fluid condition at the optimum level is critical for performance.</p><p>Schroeder Industries offers two types of desiccant breathers to our customers. Schroeder D-AB series desiccant breather has been a flagship of the breather portfolio for many years. Using silica gel, the D-AB series breathers remove moisture from the air as it passes through the breather into the reservoir. The D-AB desiccant breathers can hold up to 18.5 oz. of water. The silica gel changes color according to the color code on the package to indicate when the breather element has been spent and the breather needs replaced. The D-AB breather has a 2 micron sponge breather at the base of the element to prevent particulate contamination from entering the reservoir.</p><p>The second desiccant breather offered by Schroeder Industries is the DBE. This next generation desiccant breather expands on the capabilities of the D-AB. The DBE desiccant breather utilizes two stages of absorbent media to increase performance and optimizes the drying efficiency. The first stage of the drying process is Silica gel which is efficient at removing high humidity levels quickly. The second stage is a molecular sieve which can reduce low level humidity efficiently. Finally there is a Star pleated 3 micron phenolic resin impregnated media to filter our particulate contamination. All of these features improve the performance life of the DBE. However, the most important improvement made to the DBE is the addition of a base with integral inlet and outlet check valves. During operation, as air is drawn into the breather, the inlet valves open and the outlet valves close forcing the air through the breather media. But as the reservoir exhales, the outlet valves open and the inlet valves close allowing the air to vent directly to atmosphere without going through the media. This allows the media to last longer and for a reduction in operations costs.</p><p>Schroeder Industries Desiccant breathers will help maintain the cleanliness and condition of the fluid in the circuit by keeping the fluid dry and free from airborne particulate contamination.</p><div class="ExternalClass22FF6D645DA0404685C93E55A8B1B471"> ​ </div><h3 class="ExternalClass22FF6D645DA0404685C93E55A8B1B471">Please select: </h3><div class="ExternalClass22FF6D645DA0404685C93E55A8B1B471">​​ </div><div class="pdb-content-sitemap"><ul><li><font style="color:#0072c6;"><a href="/Products/accessories/reservoir-accessories/desiccant-filter-breathers/d-ab" target="_blank">D-AB</a></font></li><li><font style="color:#0072c6;"><a href="/Products/accessories/reservoir-accessories/desiccant-filter-breathers/dbe" target="_blank">DBE</a></font></li><li><font style="color:#0072c6;"><span aria-hidden="true"></span><font color="#0066cc"><a href="/Products/accessories/reservoir-accessories/desiccant-filter-breathers/dlp" target="_blank">DLP</a></font></font></li><li><font style="color:#0072c6;"><a href="/Products/accessories/reservoir-accessories/desiccant-filter-breathers/r-ab" target="_blank">R-AB</a></font></li></ul></div></div></div></div>





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